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The Magic of the Goalie Pads

I remember being a kid, seeing the Christian Brothers High School play hockey in the Colosseum in Syracuse NY. Being eight it was was all I lived for, playing for Syracuse Mid-state and being on the ice. Some say that they are drawn to the position of Goalie because of being enamored with the pads... For me it was making the save. However I totally appreciated the pads....

What do you think went through George H Merritt also know as "Whitey" when he became the 1st Ice Hockey Goaltender put on Goal Pads. It all happened on Valentines Day, February 14th, 1896 at Victoria Rink in Montreal, Canada. It was after all the Stanley Cup Championship. Whitey Merritt appeared at the game wearing White Cricket Pads. -Manitoba Goalers had used Pads & Cricket Pads since 1893 & earlier-. The visiting Victorias of Winnipeg upset the defending Stanley Cup holders, the Montreal Victorias 2 to 0. Whitey Merritt was outstanding in the net for the winning Winnipeg Team

Over Goalie Pads evolution, they have been stuffed with deer hair, then foam...they have been brown, now white. Goal pads have been narrow, now tall and wide... Oh what an evolution.

So I think the pads are a great place to start....

Lets start with how Goalie Pads are made...

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