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Tactical Goalie, LLC has a zero-tolerance policy with respect to unfavorable or uncontrollable behavior, bullying, hazing, the use of drugs and other controlled substances, and weapons of any kind. Any participant displaying these behaviors or possessing any of these items will be immediately dismissed from the program and will forfeit all amounts paid. By agreeing to the release and by being enrolled in the program you assent to the enforcement of this policy and you hereby grant Tactical Goalie, LLC the right to inspect any and all personal belongings at any time on or off premises in relation to the program.



Tactical Goalie, LLC adheres to the Code of Ethics for Coaching staff as directed by USAH. To read the complete copy, click here for USAH Code of Ethics


The safety of players on and off ice is of paramount importance to Tactical Goalie. In accordance with the policies and procedures set forth by The US Center for SafeSport and guidelines established by USA Hockey, Tactical Goalie adheres to a zero-tolerance policy and any abuse or misconduct will be reported. 


For the safety of your goaltender and for them to have the best possible performance not hindered by equipment issues, Tactical Goalie expects all goaltenders enrolled in Tactical Goalie and/or Loudoun Knights programs to adhere to the requirements as established by USAH. For a copy of the policy and measurement standards, click here for USAH Goalkeeper Equipment Measurement Standards.

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